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About Cris ELMasry

Cris El Masry

Cris Elmasry is the most renowned magician in the MENA region, with
more than 10 billion views and 20 million followers across all social
media platforms. He has been performing magic for over 15 years, and
has made appearances on numerous TV shows and movies. He has
also been featured in the press, and his passion for magic is evident in
every performance.

Cris is a master of illusion, and his shows are always packed with
excitement and wonder. He has performed at some of the most
prestigious venues in the region, including the El Alamein Festival, the
biggest magic show in the Middle East.

in addition to his live performances, Cris has also released his own
branded deck of cards called Good and Evil. This deck has been sold
around the world in many countries, and is a popular choice for
magicians and card enthusiasts alike.

Cris is committed to providing his audiences with an unforgettable
experience. His shows are carefully crafted to appeal to all ages and
interests, and he always leaves his audiences amazed and

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